Praharsha Anand

5 Tips on How to Study for GMAT in 30 Days

Are you going to appear for the GMAT exam anytime in future? This piece might be useful for your preparations. Read ON! With GMAT exam just a month away, the countdown has begun for the D-dayA final touch-up schedule, for example, can now be the difference between a 600 and a 700. To help you gear up and strategize your crucial time, our experts break down what's really required to pass the bar.Even though it calls for a panic attack, you need to do one thing first – reality check.If it’s your

Flip Side of Depression

We all fall prey to temporary brain cramp aka depression for a multitude of reasons. To be precise, anything that breaks your heart throws you without armor into the battlefield of depression. It’s a battlefield because you can only fight your way out of it. On the contrast, souls that are kind become victims of self-loath when they happen to break hearts. Whatever the reason, it is a sinking and stubborn feeling. Depression is solely a realization of apparent truth that hits you like a ton of b

How To Say No At Work

How To Say No At Work Here is the caveat - None of this is to say that saying no is easy peasy. It's wonderful to say yes, the cross-your-heart kind of yes but we don't do that quiet often, do we? A lot comes your way when you say yes at work. You give the impression of being adept and proactive. You become the go-to person for everyone. Here is the catch though. You need not always say yes. Yes, you need not say yes when your hands are full and spark the self-hate that follows. We all yearn f

Sweet Escape | Poetry

A little too trapped, a little too lostIn a slew of nascent uncertainitiesWhat lies ahead eludes her dreamsWhat resides within evades her sleepA little too soft, a little too quietIn a dulcet voice she would speakWith starry eyes she said pleaseBut her pain was nothing but greekA little too empty, a little too sweetOn crossroads her heart swayedOne step ahead and two steps backShe tiptoed throughout in frightA little less hopeful she wondersShould heaven and earth move?Lingering into darkness is